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Sailing with a group of killer whales in Fuerteventura

By 3 de July de 2023July 8th, 2023No Comments

We will never forget the incredible day when a group of killer whales swam alongside
one of our boats in the waters of the Canary Islands.

Day after day, people from all over the world come to us to live an experience that will
always remain in their memory: sailing the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in search of
dolphins, marine mammals, turtles and whales.

On one of our sailing trips we had a very special and unexpected encounter on the high
seas. Nothing more and nothing less than a group of killer whales approached one of
our boats while we were sailing off Morro Jable. For several minutes we were able to
enjoy this incredible spectacle of nature, watching these cetaceans swimming and
playing freely in the Atlantic Ocean, without noticing us.

A unique moment that we did not hesitate to immortalize and that, both clients and
crew of Magic And Sailing, we define as “magical”, a day in Fuerteventura that we will
always remember.