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Magic Deluxe

Let us create magical memories on board the Magic Deluxe, a newly built Lagoon 450S catamaran unique to Fuerteventura, on board of which you can discover the unforgettable coastline of the island on a unique boat trip.

Sailing just a few metres from the coast you will enjoy the breathtaking beaches of Fuerteventura and its volcanic formations. Sailing just a few metres from the coast you will enjoy the breathtaking beaches of Fuerteventura and its volcanic formations.

Have you ever dreamt of seeing dolphins and whales in the open sea? Then keep your eyes open, because we may encounter them.

Close to the natural park and the beach of Jandía, we will enter the turquoise waters of the island of Fuerteventura. When you find yourself surrounded by countless shades of blue, you can’t resist taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, where after cooling off and enjoying yourself, lunch will also be served.

Lunch is prepared by one of Jandia’s top chefs, and consists of Mediterranean cous cous with roasted vegetables and tzatziki, followed by roast loin of beef with aromatic herbs, mushroom sauce and confit potatoes. Additionally, the drinks included during your time on board will be cava, white and rose wine, beer, soft drinks and water.

This exclusive 15 metre catamaran, with 3 cabins, 3 bathrooms, kitchen/dining area and lounge, is the ideal boat to spend a day of your precious holiday. Will you join us?

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4 hours

Adult price

95 €/Person

Child price ( 2-12 )

60 €/Person


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Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean
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Whale watching
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Explore the coast of Fuerteventura with our Magic Deluxe excursion: a luxury experience.

Welcome to Magic and Sailing, the gateway to a dream maritime getaway come true. Sail with us on our Magic Deluxe catamarans, the epitome of adventure in Fuerteventura, and immerse yourself in a unique luxury sailing experience. Prepare to be captivated by the crystal clear waters in search of dolphins, whales, and the incomparable majesty of the ocean.

The Fuerteventura luxury yachting experience you won’t forget.

We are proud to introduce you to the Magic Deluxe catamaran, a true icon of elegance and comfort. This experience is not just an excursion, but an exclusive invitation to experience Fuerteventura’s sea in an extraordinary way. Experience Fuerteventura from a privileged perspective, immersed in luxury and first class attentions.

Outstanding features of Magic Deluxe

Exclusivity guaranteed: We limit the number of passengers to offer you a personalised and unparalleled experience.
Unparalleled comfort: Enjoy on board our catamaran spacious and comfortable spaces designed for relaxation and admiring the scenery.
Close encounters with cetaceans: Accompanied by experts, experience the thrill of spotting dolphins and whales, getting close to the magic of the sea.
Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and water activities: We offer stops to cool off in the ocean before enjoying lunch or dinner on board. You can explore the crystal clear turquoise waters and investigate the underwater world off our beautiful coastline by diving or snorkelling.
Premium food and beverage service: Enjoy our luxury food on board, with an exquisite selection of drinks and unique dishes prepared by one of the best chefs in Jandia, which will enrich your adventure.

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We offer a variety of excursions tailored to your interests. Each service is designed to provide a memorable experience, allowing you to discover the rich marine life of Fuerteventura.

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Always committed to sustainability

At Magic and Sailing, excellence and respect for the environment go hand in hand. Our Magic Deluxe catamaran abides by strict sustainability principles, ensuring that your experience is beneficial for both you and the ocean. We invite you to embark on this conscious and transformative journey.

Preparations for your adventure

Book early: Guarantee your place on this unique experience by booking in advance.
Suggested equipment: Don’t forget your swimming costume, sunscreen and camera to capture all the memorable moments.
Learning on board: Discover more about marine life and the importance of its conservation with our expert team.

An experience you won’t forget awaits you

Magic Deluxe opens the door to a maritime experience that will mark a before and after. From the comfort and luxury of our catamaran to the exciting discovery of marine life, every detail has been carefully selected to exceed your expectations.

Book your place today

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Fuerteventura’s most exclusive maritime experience. Contact us to book your Magic Deluxe adventure and get ready for an experience that redefines your connection to the sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the excursion? The duration of the excursion is 4 hours.
  • What to bring on the tour? We recommend you bring comfortable clothes and swimwear, sunscreen and a camera to take home amazing and unforgettable memories of your catamaran excursion.
  • How to book? You can book through our website or by phone.
  • What does Magic Deluxe include? The Magic Deluxe boat trip includes drinks and premium food, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, whale watching (although this is always a possibility and can never be guaranteed), transportation from the hotel and guide on board.