About us

Magic & Sailing was founded as a school of nautical activities in the south of Gran Canaria by Tomas Sosa, back in 1995. While working as an instructor, our founder's biggest dream was to build the world's largest sailing catamaran. And he made that dream a reality. He built his first catamaran, the Supercat Uno, in Italy. And after Gran Canaria, the fleet reached two more destinations: Fuerteventura and Ibiza.

The family dream is still very present today in Magic & Sailing, a company that maintains the essence and spirit of a family business that has managed to have the largest fleet in the Canary Islands, with 8 boats.

Our mission is to offer our customers the best experience on board a boat and to make our excursions the best part of their holiday. This is possible thanks to our team of employees, the quality of our services and products and to the personalised service we provide to all our customers.

We want our visitors to feel special and to enjoy magical moments. To do so, we are constantly innovating our fleet, offering an ever better service and new experiences.