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The lighthouse of Morro Jable

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Imagen artículo sobre el Faro de morro Jable en Fuerteventura por

With its majestic height and imposing facade, the lighthouse of Morro Jable is located
in one of the most privileged enclaves of Fuerteventura: with mountains of volcanic
stone at its back, the golden sand of the El Matorral Beach at its feet and the
immensity of the Atlantic Ocean on the horizon.

Located in a protected natural area, among the dunes of El Matorral Beach, the
lighthouse of Morro Jable is the closest one to the port where the Magic And Sailing
boats are moored. On numerous occasions, this lighthouse is also witness to one of the
most special moments for clients who sail aboard one of our catamaran tour boats:
the whale and dolphin watching at sea.

With simple lines, painted white and more than 60 meters high, at first sight it does
not seem anything special, but it is a construction that we sailors hold in high esteem:
when we see it, we know that we are close to the coast, to land, to home.

It also has an attraction that few lighthouses have: it is possible that while you are on
your way to it, you may be approached by one of the numerous squirrels that populate
the island. This is a species that arrived in the mid-twentieth century to Fuerteventura
and since then has continued to increase in number.

Whether for its location, its simplicity or its charm, for Magic And Sailing the lighthouse
of Morro Jable is essential, it is the light that guides us back home.

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